HSE Policy

MADERA FIBER TECHNOLOGIES SL has developed this policy of occupational risk prevention and respect for the environment with the aim of exemplifying the continuous improvement of all its collaborators (colleagues, subcontractors and temporary staff).

The company undertakes the following commitments:

  • Reduce risks to the safety and health of employees and improve working conditions.
  • Train and sensitize all staff in aspects of HSE and good healthy habits.
  • Be reactive in carrying out actions for any risk situation detected, incidents and/or accidents.
  • Encourage the participation of all workers in HSE issues, to develop behavior that is sensitive to the prevention of safety, health and environmental risks, both in our professional and personal lives.
  • Seek the conservation of natural resources and their sustainable use, saving water and electricity and seeking more ecological energy sources, as well as mitigation and adaptation to climate change and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
  • Prevent pollution, controlling emissions and discharges of materials into the environment, segregating our waste and promoting reduction at source, reuse, recycling and recovery.
  • Involve suppliers and suppliers to work with HSE regulations and standards that comply with company policy.
  • Ensure compliance with the requirements established in the current applicable HSE legislation and other requirements that the Organization subscribes to.